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Choosing the best non-emergency medical transport provider can be a very confusing and difficult decision. Cost, availability and quality of care are all important factors, which vary widely among the myriad of providers in the non-emergency medical transport marketplace. We understand the personal and medical needs of patients and their families, Our non-emergency medical Ambulatory, Wheelchair, Gurney transportation and Basic Life Support services combine compassion, experience and good judgment to provide quality care for each patient transport offering on-time service, highly trained team of patient care professionals dedicated to exceeding our patients’ expectations and fulfilling our promises by being passionate about our core principles of customer service, integrity, and operational excellence.


MedEx Transit, Inc in San Carlos, CA


Our EMT crew will be with the patient from the time they are discharged from the patient’s current bedside to the bedside at the destination, our experienced medical transportation team carefully handles the entire process.

MedEx Transit, Inc in San Carlos, CA


Non-emergency gurney / stretcher transportation staffed with certified EMT patient care transport specialist, is intended for use by patients that are unable to sit upright for medical or comfort reasons, but are not likely to be in need of medical attention during transport. Trained and courteous staff provides gurney / stretcher service for clients who require assisted transportation but do not require and ambulance from point of pick up safely to their destination.

MedEx Transit, Inc in San Carlos, CA


Wheelchair transport vehicles are used for patients who are mobility impaired and use a wheelchair. Our wheelchair vans are staffed by on medical patient care transport specialist trained in CPR and first aid . This mode of transportation is designed for non ambulatory patients who are able to sit upright in a wheelchair and are not likely to be in need of medical attention during transport.

Ambulatory Transportation –Non-emergency transport for patients that is able to walk on their own with driver’s assistance.

Trained and courteous staff provides wheelchair service for clients who require assisted transportation but do not require and ambulance from point of pick up safely to their destination. We also require our non-emergency transport personnel to be CPR and First Aid certified. This enables them to act accordingly in the event of an emergency until an ambulance arrives.

Special Services We Provide:
Provide Oxygen • Prescription Pick-Up • Assistance with stairs • Limited Mobility Assistance


Basic Life Support (BLS)  AMBULANCE   

Under construction - Coming Soon!           

The BLS (Basic Life Support) ambulance service provides safe and courteous transportation of non-ambulatory and bedbound persons a means of medical transport that do not require extra support. Our Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are fully equipped and staffed by two highly trained Emergency Medical Technicians EMT-B patient-caregivers. If eligible, we bill a patient's insurance, and if there is no insurance, we work with the patient or responsible party to come to an arrangement that is fair and suitable for all parties however we can.  If you need to schedule a transport, please call our billing office 650-738-8100. Our friendly and professional staff will be glad to help you with any questions you might have.

**Remember, it is best to schedule at least a day ahead of the appointment, as that gives us time to prepare, and also allows for obtaining pre-authorization from insurances, if required.**

 Services include:

  • Medical and Cardiac patients not requiring cardiac monitoring
  • Comfortable Long Distance Transport and Special Event
  • Discharge to home or skilled nursing facilities
  • Psychiatric Patients
  • Inter-facility Transport
  • Medical appointments
  • Radiation and Dialysis Therapy
  • Hospital-based treatment and diagnostic Centers



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